The Matador's Dinner, SAT 14 Dec, 6:30 PM

Heart Of Hall


As The Matador sets out to conquer the bull, often it is the bull that reigns and justice is served*.

At the Matador’s Dinner, we learn the importance of carefully balancing spice with the delicate flavours of seafood and quail, being sure not to let the spices conquer us.

Embrace these exquisite Spanish dishes in our hands-on cooking class to learn techniques in layering spices and introducing flavours, then enjoy the tradition of feasting together whilst sharing wine and stories of travel, spices and more.

Spicy Clams and Chorizo
Patatas Bravas and Crispy Lardons with Aioli
Red Bomba Stuffed Squid
Smoked Paprika Grilled Quail

Orange and Almond Cake with Chili Dark Chocolate Sauce and Spiced Cream

Your Spanish cooking class: The Matador’s Dinner is a 3 hour class that will include:
  • 3 hours of hands-on cooking,
  • Entree, main and dessert,
  • A complimentary glass of wine or beer on arrival,
  • Recipes from the night.
*No bulls were harmed in the making of this class


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