Sushi Making Cooking Class, THURSDAY 26th Sept 6:30PM

Heart Of Hall


A great way to entertain, this Summer is with Sushi.  Perfect as a cocktail party entertainer, right through to cooking with the kids, lets talk about all things Sushi.

In this hands on cooking class, Chef Kate will take you through the process of sushi making from making perfectly sticky rice, to preparing your ingredients.  

You will practice the art of hand shaping roll before commencing to the Inside-out (Uramaki)... then comes the impressive Temaki sushi.

Learn some great techniques, discussing the necessary pantry requirements, along with ways to present your beautifully hand-made sushi.  At the end of the night we will all sit down and enjoy with fellow cooks.

Our Thursday night classes are a quick class, full on useful information that will give you a great understanding of the dishes that you cooked. 


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