Mastering Gluten Free- Tuesday April 24th 6.30pm

Heart Of Hall


In this cooking class, you will fall back in love with pastry.  Using a Thermomix, we will introduce techniques and recipes that will cater for people who are avoiding gluten in their diet.

Having a coeliac in the family, or simply someone who is cutting back on gluten from their diet can present difficulties at meal times and when entertaining.  In this class we are teaching you some pastry and bread recipes that will see you preparing only one meal at the dinner table.

Being hands on and using the Thermomix, you will prepare Choux Puffs with Swiss meringue, puff pastry (yes! Puff Pastry!) sausage rolls, tortilla's and dips and a grain free, gluten free bread rolls that will be a hit with your winter soups.

Mastering Gluten Free is $110 per person and includes:

- A glass of prosecco on arrival,

- 3 hour hands on cooking class,

- Communal meal enjoying the treats you have made,

- Take home recipes and access to our private online Facebook chat group.


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