The ice-cream sandwich may be the perfect treat: fun, friendly, easy to make, endlessly adaptable and delicious to eat. The ice-cream sandwich is popping up on restaurant menus and now we have a fun and accessible book devoted to this delicious and nostalgic treat.

With her down home style and easy instructions, Jennie Schacht offers treats that range from the classic, like “Pure Nostalgia,” consisting of vanilla ice cream and chocolate cookie bars, to the more complicated “Salted Caramel,” made with burnt sugar ice cream on chocolate wafers and salted caramel dipping sauce.

I Scream Sandwich will feature 40 delectable sandwich recipes, plus additional recipes for sauces and toppings and a resource section. Aside from these scrumptious and fun recipes, Schacht encourages improvisation and shop bought supplements, making this book easy and accessible for all dessert fans.


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