Guest Chef Immersive, Dinner with Matteo Toffano, Chef De Cuisine, Grossi Florentino Upstairs

Heart Of Hall

Heart of Hall is pleased to announce our Guest Chef Immersive

5-course Italian Degustation
Truffle Dinner

Matteo Toffano
Chef De Cuisine, Gross Florentino Upstairs

Sunday 2nd September 6:00pm@ Heart of Hall
$180 per person + complimentary drink

Matteo’s menu is set to explore the ‘Soils of the Earth’, taking you on a 5-course culinary adventure showcasing a wonderfully diverse range of Victorian produce. Through these dishes, meticulously curated and created by Matteo, you will explore how a healthy environment is the key to extracting the highest quality flavour from your ingredients.

The Night’s feature ingredient will be the local Black Perigord Truffle supplied by NangiyalaTruffiere. Special Guest David McConnell from Nangiyala Truffiere will be there to share any inside knowledge he can about this unique product.

The evening will be held in our Heart of Hall Dining Room, Newport. Here you will not only feast on this delicious dinner and enjoy a complementary drink, but be given the opportunity to watch, learn and interact with Matteo as he weaves his culinary magic just for you. A night to remember, you will go home with all of Matteo’s recipes used throughout the night as well as professional advice on how to recreate the dishes at home.

The 5 Soil Courses

1st course, “Sandy”
Salt roasted turnip, fermented beetroot, oat soil, puffed rye, truffle

2nd course, “Clay”
Carne Albese, almond juice, pickled cabbage, smoked egg yolk, truffle

3rd course, “Silty”
Great Ocean Road duck and porcini tortellini, truffle

4th course, “Peaty”
Lamb rump, buckwheat, Aubergine Siciliana

5th course, “Loamy”
Truffle, cocoa, coffee


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