Fun Flavours with Kombucha - Sunday 23rd Feb 2:30pm

Heart of Hall


Try your hand at making some fun flavoured Kombucha.  In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the basic principles behind fermenting Kombucha and how to make that fizzy, sweet, flavoured drink.

Local gut health coach, Briony Kean has been busy building her SCOBY hotel to prepare for this class where you will leave with your very own SCOBY, a jar of flavoured Kombucha (flavoured by you) and a hand out with step by step instructions on how to look after your SCOBY, how to "hotel" your SCOBY and what to do when you have too many.

Join us for this fun afternoon tasting different flavours at different stages of the  Kombucha making process and leave with a new love for fermented drinks.



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